The next time that you shop for car insurance, make your life a lot easier by using an online car insurance calculator. Many major insurance companies now offer online insurance calculators that assist you in determining your approximate premium. In addition, sites like allow you the option of comparing rates for several companies at once.

Online insurance calculators will generally ask you details about your vehicle and driving record. Be prepared to spend at least 15 minutes on each individual quote. While this may be time-consuming, giving as many specifics as possible will enable the insurer to provide the most accurate quote. There are some sites such as that offer insurance calculation based on zip code and general demographics such as age, race, education and years of driving experience. While these sites may offer faster quotes, they are less likely to be accurate.

Annual insurance premiums are based on a wide variety of considerations including your age, driving record, number of claims and the vehicle you drive.  When using a car insurance calculator, make sure to have your vehicle identification number, driver’s license number and your current auto policy on hand. You’ll want to make sure that you are comparing comparable coverage to your existing policy so having it on hand rather than guessing about your coverage will allow a more accurate comparison. However, using a streamlined car insurance calculator can allow you certain advantages. For instance, if you are considering relocation from one city to another you can enter basic information to quickly get an idea of what it may cost. Be aware that US insurance rates change daily so the rate quotes you receive will need to be recalculated when you decide to purchase.

Another advantage to using a car insurance calculator is that you are able to compare different coverage levels in addition to different insurance companies. You can add, remove and/or change options that help you to decide on the best coverage to fit your budget. In addition, online car insurance calculators will help you to know ahead of time what your policy will cost so that you can budget accordingly.

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